It has been a longtime personal goal of the Directress, Lala Ticzon-Santos, to put up her own preschool. Her passion for teaching young children immensely drove her to broaden her horizon in the field of education. Learning the ropes of teaching young children was possible with the help and support of  Dr. Felicitas Pado, Former Chairman of Teaching in the Early Grades (K-2) Department, College of Education (University of the Philippines – Diliman, Quezon City), who played a vital role in its existence.  As an adviser, she continuously supported the project through her guidance in designing developmentally appropriate programs to potential young learners of the school.  Great confidence was built up to provide quality education through imparted content-based instruction and interactive & integrated methods, which could help the school attain its goals and objectives.  

Only few schools offer literature-and-play based approach in Antipolo community.  Majority of the schools are traditional by nature.  This helped coin the idea of setting up a unique type of learning center in a conducive, family-owned compound in the vicinity.  

Kindergarten Camp Learning Center of Antipolo Inc. (KCLC) is in existence in the community for 12 years now with a growing population of more than 200 students.  It only started with less than 10 students on its first year of operation.  Currently, KCLC is the biggest independent preschool in the area with a huge population of preschoolers.

Since KCLC has grown in the past years with the overwhelming success and achievement of its preschool students in the big schools of their choice, particularly, their ability to be independent readers upon graduation in Kinder as well as the support and demand of the Antipolo parents. As such, Ms. Santos aims to provide the same quality and holistic education, which has been the trademark of KCLC Antipolo, in the lower Antipolo and Marikina children and families.

The addition of Joanne Tabora-Sison with her background in Family Life and Child Development in the University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City and her expertise in Singapore Math through her several branches of Mathemagis in various cities, would definitely be a great asset to the new branch of KCLC in Marikina Area.  Ms. Sison would be a co-director with Ms. Santos. Together they aim to further strengthen the foundation and development of KCLC students in the areas of literacy as well as problem-solving through numeracy and purposeful play.

Only few schools offer literature-and-numeracy play based approach in lower Antipolo and Marikina community. Majority of the schools are traditional by nature.  We are very confident with our preschool program as parents coming from farther places choose to enroll their children in our preschool despite the distance and cost.  We aim to have the same success in the new branch to cater to the needs of preschoolers in the new community.