KCLC Alums

Dear Teacher Lala, I hope all is well with you as you receive this email. During this time, most likely, the rest of the KCLC staff is already wrapping up the school year and are very busy preparing for the Moving Up Day program. For Bea, they are still in the second term of the academic year at year 2. As I communicated with you last time, Bea has been accelerated from Senior Kinder (at KCLC) to Year 2 (at Newton British Academy Al Dafna). I just want to take this time to remember and thank the Kindergarten Camp Learning Center (KCLC) teachers and staff especially Teachers Tin and Tolet, Bea’s JK and Sk teachers, respectively. Bea is continuously growing and developing as a well-rounded girl in her new school here in Doha. She has maintained her love and passion for learning and discovery of new things. She has continued to excel in her academics during the first term and was even selected to compete in an inter-school Mathematics competition. This is quite funny because she kept on telling me that Math is not her favorite subject. But, despite this, she was selected as representative of year 2 for the NBA Al Dafna campus. Her teacher, Ms Bernardine Wewege, has only good words for her spelling, reading, and English diction. She has also actively sign up for different extra curricular activities. During the first term, she signed up for Net ball and Arts and Craft for her extra-curricular activities. Extra Curricular Activities is not mandatory in their school. This second term, she signed up for choir and dancing. On Thursday, she will play the lead role-Little Red Riding Hood in their school assembly. Socially, she has adapted quite easily in a multicultural learning environment where she has won some inner circle Palestinian, Pakistani, Greek, and British friends. Looking back, I know I made the right decision in entrusting my little girl’s pre-school education to KCLC. KCLC has an advanced curriculum in Reading, Language (Grammar), Mathematics (Singapore Math) and Science. I noticed this when Bea aced her entrance test at NBA and was admitted to Year 2 instead of Year 1. Again, we just want to say thank you and kudos to our KCLC teachers.
Mommy Jasmin Panaligan
Mother of Jana, KCLC Alum