Confidence in Math

KCLC’s approach to Numeracy emphasizes investigations in many different  ways, building familiarity with numbers in playful multi-sensory situations carefully prepared by well-trained teachers and compatible with world-renowned math curriculum in Singapore and UK.

The essence of KCLC’s math approach  is its focus on hands-on activities as key to understanding math. Preschoolers use a variety of manipulatives which makes math learning more meaningful, practical and fun.  With the use of manipulatives, students go beyond rote memorization of numbers and procedures and go deep into understanding number relationships, developing problem-solving skills and proficiency is calculations.

Children are constantly challenged to make  patterns, connections and articulate what they observe. They learn and speak the language of Math and can confidently explain math ideas and concepts to their peers and adults.

 Lastly, Children exhibit confidence in math and problem-solving  skills at an early age and acquire mathematical skills critical to life-long academic success.