A Day in KCLC ...

Free Play

is a warm up time with manipulative toys, blocks and various learning centers. Children are given the opportunity to choose from well selected “hands-on kits” and puzzles. The child explores, manipulates and practices the activity.

Circle Time

is gathering time of singing, dancing and language expression through rhymes and poems.

Music & Movement

The children enter a world of imagination as MUSIC & MOVEMENT presents special attractions each day: Creative Expression, Musical Instruments, Movement Day, Ball and Bean-bag Activities and Games.

Story Telling

with books, puppets, story tapes and dramatic play open a world where reality and make-believe meet; enhancing a love for reading.


provides the foundation for future academic work in Reading, Language, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Writing experiences in a fun and creative way.

Science & Social Studies

give the children the opportunity to explore and experience the environment as well as play a vital role in the community.


fosters creativity using a wide array of art materials. Each child learns to express himself or herself through different colors and techniques.

Other Activities


Regularly, the children engage in “hands-on” COOKING activities creating yummy treats for snacks.

Snack Time

A variety of nutritious snacks are provided each day by the parents

Outdoor/Indoor Play

is a supervised free-time period with friends at the playground. Our varied equipments are designed to develop gross motor skills.

Garden/Pet Play

provides learning experience in actual planting and taking care of animals.