Genuine Love for Reading

KCLC is well-known for its Beginning Reading Program.  As early as the toddler level, children are introduced to the fundamentals of Reading. KCLC aims to send an important message to children that reading is fun, exciting and worthwhile. They are exposed to a print rich environment, nature of storytelling as well as to a wide selection of appropriate and intellectually stimulating materials in school. Their early exposure excites their imagination and encourages them to understand the world around them. It enhances not only their listening skills and vocabulary but also reinforces their speaking skills.  

In another note, KCLC exerts its best effort to develop critical thinking skills among its students through its varied enticing teaching techniques.  Children are trained to read with understanding and to follow directions thoroughly.  They do not only learn how to read the conventional way but also get to exercise their minds on how to think out the box.  These skills enable them to unlock the key to academic success. Their reading readiness allows them to comprehend lessons in other subject areas too.  Due to this reason, majority of KCLC graduates cope up confidently with the demands and challenges in their chosen big schools because they are READERS!!!   They carry along with them the solid foundation they received from their reading skills at KCLC.  We take great pride and joy seeing them stand out among the rest!